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2020-07-03 (Friday)



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    It's another Friday when Bandcamp are waiving their revenue share... The new BAD MOVES album is super, super good and The Beths' new one can be pre-ordered (out next week)… . Tip top indie rock! @badmovesDC @LizstokedStokes

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    Some Shepherdess pics.………… (from its 30th birthday)

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    (Now Closed)

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    If I had a heatmap showing "places I've laughed a lot with friends" there'd be a big red blob over the Shep.

    A few Foursquare tips about the Shepherdess.…

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    Foursquare suggests...

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    Farewell Shepherdess 😢🥓🍳 Swarm says I've checked in there 337 times since March 2009.

    /cc @jonheslop @scotscotscot

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    This made me tear up, I won’t lie…

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    it's now legal for two households to meet up, but they have to be both alike in dignity

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    oven ready shovel ready whack-a-mole get it done clap for them buccaneering unprincipled idle arrogant no deal racist don't ask me about my family here's my baby married divorced kids everywhere nearly died shake their hands go to the pub chequers weekend cobra-skipping liar