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2020-06-07 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2020-06-07

    More wildlife, moving websites, The Crown season three.


  1. Walton Secondary School 1950/60s films by Lou Broom | Walton Tales

    These are quite charming and a bit “folk horror”. Probably best to turn the sound off.

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  • MrNishKumar’s avatar

    If you're saying the statues should remain in place to help educate, at school I managed to learn long division without there being a fucking statue of it in the middle of a city

  • BBCRB’s avatar

    #Bristol statue of Edward Colston has been pulled down and pushed into the harbour during the #BlackLivesMattter march

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

  • BBCRB’s avatar

    The statue is being dragged towards the harbour

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

  • gender_endtimes’s avatar

    putting statues up is history; pulling them down makes more history. fans of history as an abstract concept need not worry. there is now more of it.

  • beardedjourno’s avatar

    Historic scenes in Bristol as protesters kneel on the neck of the toppled statue of Edward Colston for eight minutes. #blacklivesmatter

  • _jackgrey’s avatar

    Edward Colston statue pulled down by BLM protesters in Bristol. Colston was a 17th century slave trader who has numerous landmarks named after him in Bristol. #BlackLivesMattters #blmbristol #ukprotests