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2020-04-22 (Wednesday)


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    @suegyford @NHSEngland @NHSuk I read it that the whole page is for "People at higher risk". This includes three different kinds:
    * People at increased risk ("is the same as for most other people")
    * People most at risk ("follow this advice for at least 12 weeks...")
    * People with certain health conditions

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    @pdcawley @NHSuk Yeah… It's not clear at first that it covers different categories of people, with different advice for each, so it's easy to miss that.

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    .@NHSuk folk… Does "Advice for people at higher risk" cover 3 categories: "People at increased risk", "People most at risk" & "People with certain health conditions"? Took me 2 reads and ability to distinguish between slightly different heading sizes…

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    @suegyford @NHSEngland @NHSuk Looks like its advice for two sets of people:
    1. "People at increased risk" - can go "shopping for basic necessities", "one form of exercise a day", etc
    2. "People most at risk" - "stay at home at all times" etc.

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    @trello Thanks for trying your "Confirm the email address" emails with domains.

    But when I click "Confirm email" I just get taken to the front page of your site. What do I do now?