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2020-04-05 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2020-04-05

    Another week, apparently.



  1. How to get started with web development | Go Make Things

    I’d have no idea what to suggest to someone wanting to learn this stuff, but this looks like a great list for front-end development.


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    @tobybarnes @floriangadsby That reminds me to sign up for his newsletter, which I overlooked before.

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    If only there were some method governments could use to take a portion of people's income and use it for public services rather than relying on charity.…

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    Health Secretary Matt Hancock has called on Premier League footballers to donate a portion of their wages to struggling hospices, writes @DanielHewittITV…

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    The only 5G conspiracy theory you need is that we wouldn't need more bandwidth if the advertising industry could write competent code that didn't turn every website into unusable, slow-loading mess.

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    Choosing your quarantine character 🍾👏😂