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2020-03-29 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2020-03-29

    Bread, The Crown, not much else.



  1. HTML DOM - Common tasks of managing HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript

    After so many years of needing jQuery for things, it’s taking a while for vanilla methods to stick in my brain. (via @simonw)


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    What if this is still Before.

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    Does this mean that for all this time, in “Every little helps”, the word “helps” is a noun? Like “All of the little helps”, not “Every little thing helps you”? Because if so, (1) I’ve just sicked up, and (2) I’ve had a learning but now have some big asks.…

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    Some little helps for safer shopping from some of our wonderful Tesco colleagues. Because now more than ever, #EveryLittleHelps
    For more information head to

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    Experts say we may be as little as two days away from finally leaving the March Age. The next epoch is provisionally being called “April,” and is also expected to last 5-10 million years.