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17 March 2020



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    @specialistsub Thanks so much for this - it’s been lovely.

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    @frijole Indeed, and the sub!

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    At a tiny self-isolating gig in the kitchen, courtesy of @specialistsub records.

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    I suppose it’s handy when you can just copy a debunking URL from one WhatsApp group to another as you play Whack-a-mole with virus rumours.

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    @ThreeUKSupport I’m glad the work is sorted but the same again today - Internet up and down on mobile broadband, OK on phone. Why does it keep stopping? And, yes, we always try resetting the device.

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    Airlines and casinos just just learn to save better, get a second job, and maybe forgo that expensive Starbucks coffee instead of asking taxpayers for free stuff.

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    If people/companies/governments don't stop issuing statements as tiny images on Twitter I'm going to get very angry. Put statements on web pages and link to them so everyone can read them.

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    Quarantine sucks in a house that's haunted because a message suddenly appears in blood saying "YOU USUALLY LEAVE AT 7:45."