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2020-03-15 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2020-03-15

    The School, working with PHP, fraudulent awards, cocooning, The Gold-Laden Sheep and the Sacred Mountain, and Bait.



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    @genmon @cityofsound And that reminds me of the fuel protests in 2000 and how surprised by them institutions were. I might be misremembering but didn’t the BBC hope that UpMyStreet Conversations would help surface such things earlier in future?

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    @andybudd @genmon To me (in retrospect) it felt like an illusion of national pride. “Oh yes! Britain is modern, tolerant, multi-cultural and fundamentally social democratic!” It enabled me to ignore the reality of the 50% (or whatever) of people for whom pride in Britain means something else.

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    @genmon I'm always a bit puzzled about the 2012 ceremony being considered the point at when things changed. Do people mean, "that was the last time everything was fine," or, "that was the last time people like us were naive enough to think everything was fine"?

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    Better than The Irishman, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    @philgyford @andybudd @genmon Totally agree that The Olympics were an illusion of national pride. It ignored the fact that it was only a portion of the country who were able to feel included, and part of the movement, while others were marginalized and ignored, and their needs were not being considered.

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    for anyone with covid19 cabin fever, here's some of my fav walking tour youtube channels 🧵 i love having these ~1hr vids on in the background when working on my computer or cleaning. gives a great sense of exploration of other people/cities/cultures (this vid is from rambalac)

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    We tried to tell you this overwhelming need for activities and direction was weird and lame, and now look at you. Can’t even stay home for a weekend. Motherfuckers it’s not hard. You turn on the tv or pick up a book. AND YOU FUCKING SIT THERE NO ONE CARES THAT YOURE BORED