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2020-02-14 (Friday)


  1. CapRover · Build your own PaaS in a few minutes!

    Looks simple. Docker based, mainly for use on DigitalOcean. (via /r/django)


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    @JamesWallis @yoz My Billy Bragg story is not as good but: I enjoyed your excellent story, then showed it to Mary, and the very next song my shuffling iPhone played was by Billy Bragg.

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    @jamesjefferies Yeah. I was surprised in retrospect how little I’d known about it, given how familiar the name of the place was.

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    @yoz A few years ago I and daughter were on a coastal walk in Dorset, and came across a field with a gate in the middle of it. No fence, just a robust rural gate standing in the middle of the field. The footpath runs along the side of the field but being British, I understand (1/?)

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    I've grown to understand Spotify as an infinite jukebox and NOT a record collection.

    @Bandcamp *is* a record collection and they would be really well served by realising this and building tools for their users to curate, grow and manage their collections.