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5 February 2020

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    "I learned a huge amount. Seeing everyone get better from one week to the next, & feeling myself gradually improving too, was great and a lot of fun.“

    Read @philgyford's blog on our Advanced Scene Study for TV class here:…

    Deadline to apply: TODAY (5 Feb)

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    Not only geo-restricting it, it’s another new service whose HTML consists of nothing but “Loading...”.

    If only there was some form of government manual that contained a whole page concerning th…oh wait……

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    The UK government has georestrocted this service so it can’t be used abroad?

    Do they think UK business people don’t travel, and need to check things while they are abroad? There’s no logic for this.…

    Amsterdam, Nederland, Nederland

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    small driverless pods allow for privacy no the move. better, by linking them together, it's possible to increase the efficiencies further: the complex equipment required to propel riders can be concentrated in one unit at the front of the network