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6 February 2020


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    @ammonite "At this level, in addition to the above books, receive a giant poster featuring two decades of BBC org charts."

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    @ammonite Stretch goals!

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    @picklesvat I need to leave open the possibility of future volumes! One book per large organisation, one per quarter, and I'll be set for life.

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    Back my Kickstarter of a limited edition coffee-table book featuring beautifully-printed slides from vintage in-house BBC presentation decks suggesting how it could thrive in the digital world. Working title, "But We Make Telly". Includes appendix of ideas rejected by regulators.

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    How big is the 90 minute public transit commuter zone for London vs San Francisco? This is my attempt to answer the question. Arrival point is central London or downtown SF. So, light areas = you ought to be able to reach central London/downtown SF within 90 minutes.

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    Hidden gem alert!

    Here's a list of the best introductory books on basically every topic.

    Topics include aeronautics, hunting, lexicography, ancient Egypt, animation, architecture, biology, linguistics, oceanography, microfabrication, and typography.…