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2020-01-16 (Thursday)



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    @iotwatch To be fair, there are very few good anythings.

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    @iotwatch Ah yes, that makes sense. Not wanting to have to do everything in public. fwiw I dislike LinkedIn too. But I like email and good Slacks. :)

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    @iotwatch I say "that was how you got a job" but I don't think I ever got a job that I applied for that way... I got my first job after replying to a post on Usenet so what do I know :)

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    @iotwatch Maybe I'm missing something... why don't they use LinkedIn then? Even if it's scary, if the alternative is not finding a job? In the olden days, reading job ads in newspapers and writing letters to apply was scary and too formal but... that was how you got a job.

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    Because Of Money