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2019-09-05 (Thursday)


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    @samuelpepys 5th September was a Wednesday in 1666 so it’s not *quite* as long as it seems here, but still. (I usually omit days-of-the-week in his tweets because of this potential confusion.)

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    @IndietracksFest @spookschool See you there, balloons or no balloons!

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    Benn: "The truth of all this is no-one, including yourself, can know what's going to happen."

    Gove: "The future is known only to the almighty."

    Benn: "Well he's not a witness to the committee today."

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    Hope everybody is bearing up okay as we reach the final shows of the @spookschool farewell tour! We're getting ready for the London show by remembering the🎈 from their Indietracks goodbye set! 💔😭😘…

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    @IndietracksFest The balloons falling as The Spook School ended their final song of their final Indietracks set. 🎈😢🎸