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2019-08-18 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2019-08-18

    Wardrobe fittings, Everybody in the Place and Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood.


  1. What’s It Like to Stage in a Michelin-Starred Restaurant in France - Eater

    I do enjoy reading about restaurant kitchens (and the workings of restaurants generally). (via FaveJet)

  2. How bad can it get? (London Review of Books)

    Good, but not much hope about UK politics. But I learned an excellent word: “rhodomontade”, extravagant boasting. Word of the year.

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    I was going to write something but @philgyford has summed up perfectly (and more eloquently) how I felt about it. For example "it’s very nice to see something with an opinion" and "at least he presented these as his own possibly tenuous ideas".