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2019-02-05 (Tuesday)


  1. ‘Snowfall’

    Season two.



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    @felix_cohen But this does make for some odd amounts on the invoice if I bill for, say, 3 hours of work.

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    @felix_cohen I used to say 8 but decided it wasn’t correct for me. I now say 7, working 10-6 (or equivalent) with an hour for lunch. But a bit flexible, like I’ll work a bit later if I’m into something, and it’s still A Day. Haven’t had to do well into the evening yet…

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    @Trev_smith53 @samuelpepys They are all from “today” in the year mentioned in @samuelpepys’ bio, so currently 5 February 1666.

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    This is an animated map of population density in the U.S. (1790 – 2010)

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    Q. What sort of pancakes are the most exciting?
    A. Cripes!