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2018-12-29 (Saturday)


  1. Bill Bailey has charm and punch in his fanciful new show ‘Earl of Whimsy’ | Beat Magazine

    “Highlight: Regaling us with snippets from the faux Twitter account of philosopher Samuel Pepys, culminating with him taking a dump in a chimney.”

  2. Rabbi Dweck sorry over ‘vulgarity’ of Samuel Pepys retweet | Jewish News

    “My intention was not to publicise immorality, G-d forbid. But rather to condemn it.”


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    @alexforey @samuelpepys I’m unaware of this!

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    1) Public debate in Sweden now over need for immigrants to engage with Swedish "customs" & "traditions" in order to be better “integrated” into Swedish society. But what about when Europeans are the immigrants? A few observations here from someone with Nordic immigrant parents.

    Stockholm, Sverige, Sverige