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2018-11-01 (Thursday)



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    @michalmigurski @mathowie @chrisworrall @mappingmashups @stamen Here, trick or treating only happens if an apartment door is decorated for Halloween. Last night I heard a young girl’s voice out in the corridor: “No Halloween doors! What’s WRONG with these people!”

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    @tomskitomski Ignore all advice given in the form of social media soundbites. – Gandhi

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    So, SmugMug made a decision: Delete all oldest photos in any free accounts until 1,000 are left. Users have until January (60 days from now) to decide to upgrade to pro/paid or their oldest still will get deleted.… Several thoughts from your old pal Jason.

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    @tomskitomski To be comfortable that technology will always be changing, to understand that no one knows everything, that sometimes the best software is almost no software at all and that lots of development is understanding that the simplest solution is the one which will last the longest.

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    What advice would you give to trainee developers?