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2018-08-07 (Tuesday)


  1. BBC - Press Office - Studio fast facts

    2002 press release about the BBCi studio. (via @mattb)


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    @GennHutchison I read a local newspaper article once about two guys who’d had an idea for a TV quiz show and sent it to Simon Cowell. They hadn’t had a response yet. That was the entirety of the story. Men Have Idea.

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    @mattb @matlock I still kind of think there’s something in the idea of “live” pages with hosts, and thought about the idea again recently because of HQ Trivia. But I guess apps > websites these days.

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    The rest of the article does not live up to the headline.

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    @mildlydiverting Clicking a little heart isn’t enough: this is good Kim and it makes me happy.

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    UK followers: quick question.

    What do you call the game where you knock on someone’s door and then run away?

    Please reply with what you called it and where you grew up.

    RT and share. Trust me, I’m going somewhere with this.

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    HUGE plot hole in reality: every person carries around a device with access to the totality of human knowledge and yet people are constantly wrong about everything.

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    Small Joys: Barefoot. I’m repainting my Dad’s old workshop, turning it in to a drawing studio. It smells of sawdust, paint, iron tools, mineral oil; of childhood. I have nice coffee, and @BBC6MorningShow on the radio. I’m gently content and hopeful; it’s been a while.

    Canterbury, England, United Kingdom