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2018-06-22 (Friday)



  1. Tapes - The Mckenzie Tapes

    Lots of digitised cassettes of rock gigs in New York from the ‘80s and ‘90s. It’d be nice to have a list of artists, but I’m getting picky. (via Things Magazine)


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    A version of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ in which we see June escape to Canada and spend many seasons living a pleasant and unremarkable life, only occasionally seeing news reports about what’s happening in Gilead.

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    @webfaction 438 days later, are fully automated Let’s Encrypt certificates any closer? I find it hard to recommend Webfaction to people these days because of this…

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    @PGrandstaff Yes, it’s in the works.

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    @phl That’s OK, you can say niiiyoingggg after it’s happened and you will (probably) not be struck down in punishment.

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    niiiiiyoingggggg niiiiiyoingggggg niiiiiyoingggggg! As foretold, the blessed one has been chosen this day. He shall be known henceforth as Papa Mike.…

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    @philgyford it's happened to me three times today!

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    Seems like a sensible option.…

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    @philgyford You must stick your arms out sideways and go “niiiiiyoingggggg”.

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    Is there some kind of superstitious gesture one should do if the shadow of a plane passes over you? It feels like there should be.

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    @rileyavron Thanks!

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    @paulpod Yeah I was surprised the Tories skewed younger. Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

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    For anyone who wasn’t paying sufficient attention yesterday afternoon (BST).…

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    I made some interactive charts to compare the genders and ages of the Houses of Commons and Lords with the UK population:…

    More here:…

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    @philgyford You must stick your arms out sideways and go “niiiiiyoingggggg”.