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2018-06-11 (Monday)


  1. Art — Detroit Photographic Company

    Nice photos by Roy Feldman. (via The Online Photographer)


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    @tomstuart I was hoping to give you good news about a forthcoming solo narrative-driven game that you’d love, but when I got to the end of your tweet I realised you might not like ‘Uncharted: The Labyrinth of Ten Thousand Arseholes’.

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    @PaulAnnett @darkpatterns I see @greateranglia have very recently changed their opt-out (every time you buy a ticket) to this weasily-worded both-opt-in-and-opt-out. Does saying "No" mean you'll be the *second* to hear? Or does it actually mean "Don't send me anything"?

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    Stop making online multiplayer games

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    @peeto_g I am also sorry.