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7 June 2018


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    @frankieroberto I couldn’t either. We kept changing our minds.

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    @cakemix Thank you :)

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    @frankieroberto Thanks. Yeah, it should be easy and yet… no. And it’s never right!

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    @jamesjefferies It’s so hard trying to be a bit objective and professional and non-retiring about one’s own work!

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    I have a new little website about my work making websites:

    I am also currently available to work on interesting projects, so do say hello!

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    Some situations where Toyota's automatic braking technology might not avoid crashing into a pedestrian.…

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    soldier 1 (storming the beach at Normandy): i hope this never ends. i hope every generation has to go through this because it builds character
    soldier 2: agreed. this rules and needs to be respected forever
    soldier 3 (dying): pls use a pic of me to scold teens online in 70 years