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2018-06-08 (Friday)


  1. How Soon is Now by Richard King

    A few notes about, and quotes from, the book, plus a long Spotify playlist of tracks mentioned.


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    @GennHutchison That’s lovely. And I’m sorry you were in that place.

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    @rod @denisewilton Great advice. I’m definitely going to leverage this.

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    @harry_slater Thanks. I always assume anyone potentially interested already knows about it, but yes, it was a while ago!

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    I just queued up 17 more walls of varying craziness on thanks to @essl’s efforts. Thanks Mike!

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    @chrisphin Odd! It’s possible it’s some slow-to-propagate DNS changes from yesterday afternoon - maybe your corporate network has cached [waves hands vaguely] something for longer?

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    @chrisphin Thanks. Does do the same for you? Its certificate is generated in the same way.

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    @jamesjefferies I think they were mentioned in passing, as were The Fall. It must be hard to keep things focused and coherent, given how sprawling the story could get.

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    @chrisphin @mildlydiverting Hmm, strange… it works for me, which is also strange! I will have a poke after lunch, although I’m not sure what I can do… thanks for letting me know.

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    @mildlydiverting @rod @gilest @denisewilton Oh you guys! [awkward shoulder punch]

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    A 12 hour Spotify playlist based on @richard_king’s ‘How Soon is Now?’, a fun book about UK independent record labels, 1975-2005:…
    Plus my notes, some quotes and a fuller track listing:…

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    Many thanks for your retweets and very kind words yesterday. None of the emojis are blushing enough, so just imagine one.…

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    I have a new little website about my work making websites:

    I am also currently available to work on interesting projects, so do say hello!

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    The grandparentiest moshpit I've ever seen. Quality. #hmhb

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    Never has such a narrow band of personality types been collected so densely in one place 😂 #HMHB

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    Achievement unlocked. Exhibited in the @royalacademy #summerexhibition with my co-artist @russelldavies