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2018-01-09 (Tuesday)


  1. Loop | Holly Herndon on process - YouTube

    A conference talk from 2016. Liked especially for describing the laptop as an intimate, personal instrument, and for trying to make music like the sound of the internet.


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    @AllSevenSeasons We’ve just started on Justified. But it’s only six seasons

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    @perpleksed Sorry about that - I had no idea anyone was using it after all these years! It’s back now.

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    instagram ui designer 1: where should we put posts the user liked

    instagram ui designer 2: how about the options page, in between change password and two-factor authentication

    instagram ui designer 1: perfect

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    Jesus Christ, America - please stop talking about electing people to preside over the world's largest economy and largest military based on whether or not you totally liked them in that movie or think they're nice.