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2017-12-21 (Thursday)


  1. Is 1024×768 showing more or less than 800×600? | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

    “800×600 is like a beauty filter for web pages of all ages. Looking at the web through it you get sentimental. … On a bigger screenshot you see how the amateur web was shrinking and shriveling…”

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    This sums up the unfortunate generational divide on Brexit. I’m not getting a blue passport “back”, I’ve never had one. I have though had a passport that allows me visa free travel across Europe all of my life.…

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    Excl: Brits will get their iconic blue passports back after Brexit, ministers announce today;…

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    If you play 'In The Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins on December 31st at 11:56:40 the drum break will play right as the clock strikes midnight. Start off your new year right.