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2017-12-10 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 10 December 2017

    ‘How to Win Against History’, an amazing moment in acting class, and struggling with ‘Elite: Dangerous’.



  1. 52 things I learned in 2017 – Fluxx Studio Notes – Medium

    So many interesting things leading to more interesting things to read. (via Kottke)


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    @seirioldavies Have you just found your next biographical musical project…?

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    @helendmeyourear Yay, congratulations! 🍼👶🍾

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    @bensummers @samuelpepys I’d love to see the similar selection for any other historical twitter accounts. It seems almost random but maybe they would actually vary…

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    @fjordaan It’s true, @samuelpepys *does* love the NBA, and is interested in both Mac *and* Windows!

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    This is what Twitter reckons @samuelpepys is interested in.

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    @migurski Thanks. I don’t know anything about Latour but see him mentioned often enough that I feel I should… one day…

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    @pixellent @helendmeyourear Yay! Congratulations to everyone. Fraser is quite a good name for a girl.

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    London in the snow as glimpsed from a train. Magical.