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2017-10-11 (Wednesday)



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    @kevin2kelly You might also enjoy @taglin3r…

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    @Preoccupations I don’t think there is an ‘Auction House’ category. Christie’s and Sotheby’s are listed as Art Galleries too. I’m not excusing it…

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    @phl Tasty!

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    Due to a malfunction the pool this morning was 30ºC. Maybe the salty taste in my mouth 4 hours later is still other swimmers’ sweat. Mmm. 💦👄

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    @paulpod [There’s no slapping-forehead-in-disappointed-amazement-but-not-amazement emoji yet, but that’s what I’d be using here.]

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    I just received this fantastically literal cake from @alicebartlett. Well played.

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    Finally the recognition I’ve always wanted for creating @tampon_club - A CROWN OF TAMPONS! Thanks @suevago! ❤️👸🏻❤️