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2017-09-25 (Monday)


  1. w/e 24 Sep 2017

    Work, Banksy, Mother! and London.


  1. Understanding Uber: It’s Not About The App - London Reconnections

    Very good on TfL and Uber. If only newspaper reporting was anything like this good.


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    For example, if they can’t get the bleeding obvious right, the nuances are a lost cause.…

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    It makes one realise how shallow and unknowledgeable newspaper reporting on these (and so, I guess, most) stories is (hello Guardian!).…

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    @tomtaylor @felix_cohen I liked it as a way to force me to be more careful about each shot… which was a nice change of pace for a while. But a pricey one.

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    @gwire Yeah, I get that same thing. Who’s here?!

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    @RetirementQuant There’s not enough room in the tweets as it is :) You can always see which year he’s on by looking at @samuelpepys’ bio.

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    idea for a tv programme...