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25 August 2017


  1. kbaum/heroku-database-backups: Heroku database backups and copies to S3

    I tried three versions of “back up your Heroku postgres database to S3” and this is the one that works.


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    @tominsam I had to do this not long ago and, yes, I ended up using a load of JavaScript.

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    The Guardian has a persistent inability to start a y-axis at 0. Baffling. Makes them look shady.

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    @hostler @russelldavies I can’t even remember now whether I once knew who managed to get it started.

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    Happy 26th birthday Linux!!!

    Here's your fucking cake, go ahead and compile it yourself.

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    Future security question “What was the name of your first lightbulb?”…

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    Why do I have to name my lightbulbs

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    What if Mumbai was the benchmark city for self-driving cars (and not Palo Alto)?