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2017-07-07 (Friday)



  1. Typeplate » A typographic starter kit encouraging great type on the Web

    Looks like a nice bit of CSS for styling readable text.


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    @choosenick Yes, all of what folks said in the replies!

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    @suegyford @LorIrvine Presumably the same as happened in most of his other films since then (although at least I enjoyed those).

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    @suegyford Yeah. So many bad things. Given I really disliked the “hero” within seconds of seeing him there probably wasn’t much hope for me.

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    But I am VERY much enjoying David Thewlis’s character and performance in ‘Fargo’. So good.

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    I usually enjoy his movies but I wanted to walk out. Charisma-free characters, clunky script… I feel I’ve seen a different film to most.

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    24 hours later and I’m still a bit baffled why anyone thinks ‘Baby Driver’ has anything going for it except car chases.

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    @suegyford Yes, this! Although even the “cool” stuff seemed so stiff and charisma-free. I soon wanted to leave which is unusual for me.

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    @genmon Typeplate CSS looks nice. (He said, missing the main point.)

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    If I follow you, then any time you tweet a link I'll quietly make sure there's a backup in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

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    Suddenly I understand why he won't have dinner with a woman who isn't his wife.