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2017-06-12 (Monday)


  1. Algorithm-Driven Design — How AI is Changing Design by Yury Vetrov

    Really good list of examples of… what it says. (Aside from annoying hijacking of cursor keys, but anyway.) And a nice mention of Guardian Headliner too. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)


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    @owenblacker I’m almost at the point of having to break each episode into two sittings.

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    ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is very good but we do always need to follow it with a jolly chaser.

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    @russss @flaneur Thanks! I got my dates confused :)

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    @flaneur This almost came to an end earlier in the year, to save money, but tradition proved hard to beat:…

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    @designscold This is allowed. It’s like being LibDem.

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    @spaceboy Pretty much. As with so many things, it seems to highlight the age difference, unfortunately.

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    Dividing the workplace into the Harry Potter people and the Twin Peaks people.

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    @gwire Maybe Twitter should re-brand as ‘social media network’.

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    @frankieroberto @blech Part of me thinks maybe a Technologist should have some interest/ability in tech beyond Internet, eg hardware. Not sure I do, much.

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    @blech I hadn’t thought of those precise distinctions. Hmm, yeah.

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    Surely Job Seeker's Allowance is ample? If it's enough for the proles, why isn't it enough for Tory ex-MPs? There's no magic money tree.…

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    MP says PM pledged that the party would help colleagues who lost their seats - some of whom are in financial difficulties

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    Today's copy of 'The Daily Mail but with all the headlines replaced with real user comments' is as worrying as usual

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    A steal from Facebook which made me guffaw out loud on the tube

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