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2017-05-04 (Thursday)


  1. Speculating Futures

    A reading list. “Speculating Futures looks at past speculative narratives, like those of Ursula K. Le Guin, and past attempts at creating technological utopia, like Chile’s Cybersyn.”


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    @mjays @duolingo Thanks. But I had to use google translate. Two years well spent, obviously.

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    If only I could find all those Beenz from the late 1990s then I could retire in luxury!

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    After nearly two years I’ve completed the @duolingo German “tree”, with it all gold. 120 gems! Added to my Swarm coins, I’m rich, RICH!

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    @infovore @dotcode If only all that time and energy could be harnessed for good.

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    @joelanman Yes, I know, but that doesn’t help with the problem of having 949 modules installed…

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    @frankieroberto @infovore (whispers) I think python helps.

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    @frankieroberto Brilliant. I was all, “Do any of these contain something that’ll help me do x? No idea. Guess I should include another module for that!”

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    Doing a bit of Node again.

    “Oh, this project only has 13 modules that’s manageable.”

    $ npm list

    [949 lines of dependencies later]


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    @hugovk Thanks! Posted:…

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    What if I told you...
    I photoshopped the same face onto every man behind Trump. Would you have noticed if I hadn't said anything?#GOPclones