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2017-04-28 (Friday)


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    @PaulMurphyX Calling the iPad-plugged-into-speakers a “stereo” is bad enough. I should go the whole hog and call it a “hi-fi”.

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    Using Shazam on my phone over 3G to see what’s playing on the stereo two metres away seems like a criminal misuse of so much technology.

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    One of my favourite ways to unwind is to take a good book to a coffee shop, and place it nearby while I refresh Instagram for an hour.

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    This is also the list I recommend (plus Manager's Path)…

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    The book stack I've been handing out to all leads and managers in the company:

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    5 years ago this month I moved to Sheffield knowing *no one*. Have many lovely friends here now + great work on. So grateful 💙 #soppy #home