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21 April 2017


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    @harry_wood @1jh Just found it, but not on hackpad: Anyway, thanks, I’ll get posting!

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    @harry_wood @1jh Oops, nearly forgot! Is there a link - their site doesn’t seem to mention closure.

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    @infovore @alruii @iainfarrell Do the doors fall off when the men with big shoes and red noses get out?

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    @infovore Brilliant.

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    @whoisdanw Yeah, it seems OK. Except it keeps telling me to take photo ID to the surgery, which I’ve already done. Twice.

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    @russss That’s the one I chose - it’s first ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yeah, it’s entirely adequate.

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    The meaningless illusion of patient choice. I only need to book appointments and order
    prescriptions. One shonky service is plenty.

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    Only 6.4% of $10M+ government IT projects succeed. I quote this statistic on a weekly basis.…

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    @terrymaximo if i need a thread to express an idea on twitter, i have failed!

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    @benterrett @willhudson what funerals and veg and everything?