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2017-03-28 (Tuesday)



  1. Loopy: a tool for thinking in systems

    A simple web-based tool for drawing systems diagrams.


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    @tominsam @mattb @infovore Yeah, I don’t want to have to carry another thing when I go out.

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    @phl Yeah I’ve got some I use when I’m doing acting stuff so may just use them more often…

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    @infovore Yeah, same here. A disappointment.

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    @infovore Fair enough. I’m pondering lenses and non-prescription. Or prescription and glasses juggling. I ponder every year, never decide!

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    @infovore Do you juggle glasses and prescription sunglasses? I tried photochromic but they’re annoyingly slow. Bit of a pain, two pairs.

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    How about “put this <script> tag in your static HTML page — now you’re using Glimmer!”? (React has this problem with its tutorials too.)