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2017-03-16 (Thursday)


  1. Add a Google map to Django admin to get latitude and longitude

    How I added a Google map to the Django admin page for a model that has latitude and longitude fields.


  1. David Runciman reviews ‘Theresa May’ by Rosa Prince · LRB 16 March 2017

    I haven’t had much of a sense of what May is about, what makes her tick. This article seems to have an interesting set of ideas about it.

  2. Manor Houses + | Manor Houses, Mansions & Stately Homes for sale

    Just because I like blogs that focus on one narrow field of property for sale.


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    Yeah I’m probably making life hard for myself again, doing more work than I need to, re-inventing a wheel. Whatever. It’s me.

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    How I added a Google map in Django admin to set my model’s latitude and longitude…

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    Horse racing with UK Garage commentary is so much better! 😂

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    This entire shelf of own-brand cereals sounds like an old English army Major, trying to find a euphemism for gay men.