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2016-11-09 (Wednesday)


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    This made me laugh today.

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    @ianbetteridge I’m not disagreeing - it feels right - but not sure how people were told “that their opinion was as good as anyone else’s”?

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    GCSE History.
    Question 1.
    What are the parallels between etc etc etc.…

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    Mr. Pierce, chyrurgeon, told me how loose the Court is, nobody looking after business, but every man his lust and gain.

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    I woke, turned off alarm, checked BBC News on my phone: Clinton headed to victory!

    Literally a dream, half hour before I actually woke up.

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    This only makes sense if you assume that people retain their political affiliation as they age, which, lol…

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    Here are the election results if only millennials voted... Progress is the longterm future of this country for both parties.

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    It's days like today when I'm so glad @philgyford sent me the full version of the Flump's theme tune. 90 seconds of joy

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    To be fair, techies, you had 15 years, and you've been selling everyone out but you know no time like the present.…

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    Techies in the US, we have two months now to think about what kind of data we’re collecting and storing on people, and do the right thing

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    I got great results tonight: my MRI results were clear! My neurological tests were almost normal, no permanent brain damage from car crash!

    San Francisco, CA, United States