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23 August 2016


  1. When Life Is A Product Hunt — Backchannel

    The technology enthusiast logs the URL of the insightful article into his archive in the belief this will either make the insights more memorable or, at least, make him appear more discerning to the other technology enthusiasts who see the URLs he archives.


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    @ocdtrekkie Yeah, I’m torn as to whether it “counts” or not… maybe I should wait until the product itself closes… inevitable?

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    @kellan I wrote a little section on… It’s also dull work, compared to adding new features, which isn’t fun.

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    @gwire @rooreynolds Give us a wave, Roo!

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    @paulpod Ooh, and it gets a new name on Thursday! Exciting. Ish.

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    @tomstuart @computationclub I keep reading “Padding Oracle” as “Pudding Oracle”, which sounds… differently fascinating.

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    2 fragile 4 agile