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2016-07-26 (Tuesday)


  1. eject_all_disks

    AppleScript to eject all ejectable disks with one click. (via @craigmod)


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    @dotcode I don’t know anything about Pis. It’s DVI.

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    @dotcode Would you like this Apple monitor? FREE!!! NOT SPAM!!!

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    I’m not proud to say it took a day to get an Access Token for successfully posting to a Facebook page via the API. But it did. Lordy.

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    @soleio Only if they close down Yahoo News, Sports, etc… which seems unlikely.

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    It’s been six years since I swore I’d never use the Facebook API again. I should hold out longer next time. What a colossal pain.

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    @holgate @yoz A Re-evaluation of the Impact of Lulz in Historic Revolutions, Uprisings, Coups and Surprising Democratic Upsets.

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    Today's highlight: Surviving tedium of online health & safety training by squeezing Primula into my mouth straight from the tube at my desk.

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