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2015-12-10 (Thursday)


  1. Corbyn in the Media - Paul Myerscough (London Review of Books)

    This is good on the Guardian being out of touch, in denial, with all those who voted for Corbyn, and on the “impartiality” of the BBC.


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    @edwardhorsford @dzuelke We got there! Some of them had moved the folder of HTML files into the App folder, rather than the files themselves

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    @edwardhorsford @dzuelke We’ve got app.son and composer.json - it works for me and one or two others. Odd. Maybe something I’ve missed…

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    @edwardhorsford @dzuelke Well, it worked for a few of them, but several got errors about buildpacks and I couldn’t see what was wrong :(

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    Lovely to see the @UkNatArchives using machine tags so that… magically appears on… :-)