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2015-09-15 (Tuesday)


  1. Sandstorm

    *Sounds* like it’s an easier way to do self-hosting (or almost self-hosting) for people who aren’t as technical as that usually requires? Not quite sure. (via Warren Ellis)

  2. Known: create a single website for all your content

    Hosted or self-hosted open source, personal CMS/blog that can send your posts, photos etc to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, SoundCloud, etc. (via Warren Ellis)

  3. Discovering Sketch — .Sketch App — Medium

    Lots of people I know use Sketch but I’d never looked at it. Reading this I can see why people prefer it over Photoshop for many kinds of design. (via Daring Fireball)


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    @minglis @rooreynolds @richardjpope Parcel Force suggests mine might arrive tomorrow…

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    Cameron and Boris riding bikes are men of the people. Corbyn riding a bike is Chairman Mao:…

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    Dear @samcoatestimes & @TimesKennedy please stop undermining the credibility of our profession. Mao bicycle? Really?