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16 July 2015


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    @paulpod I’m less and less sure I even had an edge. Maybe it was only a slight crease.

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    Kids who were 5 when ‘Losing My Edge’ was released are now 18 and are coming up from behind.

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    The local (outdoor) nursery has added a large drum and many drumsticks to its play equipment.

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    @alexforey Sounds fun! I did work experience at Bristol Old Vic & Colchester Mercury… both interesting, but probably not as much as NT :)

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    This could be Y Combinator’s boldest sally into the mysterious female market since their self-tipping fedora

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    Boris Johnson wonders why the BBC didn't make Breaking Bad. It's because in the UK Walter White would receive free treatment on the NHS.

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    @philgyford I do have a hedge now, so there's a thing

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    I am still amazed that Citibank was too big to fail, but Greece is not.