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15 July 2015


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    @paul_regan Ahh. Better than a digital aggravated producer.

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    @markhurrell Ta. I get "producer" but in this context it sounds like the maker of "content". Stupid words.

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    "Van Gogh is my favourite analogue content producer. Some days I prefer Beckett's content. Oh, and Mozart sure knew how to produce content!"

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    What on Earth is a "digital content producer"? A writer? A designer? A project manager? A client-handling producer? A marketer? Tweeter?

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    All of this. #middleeast

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    @philgyford DIYay!

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    I'd like an open internet movement *not* steeped in nostalgia for a much smaller and more exclusive web, please.…

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    There is no Internet of Things, only other people's computers in your house.