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2015-06-17 (Wednesday)


  1. A New Yorker walks into a San Francisco start up… — Medium

    A rant about how “Design can change the world” is nonsense. I think it *can* change the world, but that *very* much doesn’t mean any and all design can change the world. Is your design empowering people who have little power? Enabling people who are less able?


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    I’m enjoying the Franz Ferdinand & Sparks album:… Jolly silly.

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    @blech If I extend the site to cover business in the real world, rather than purely dotcoms, then I’d never get anything else done.

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    @blech Going forward you need to re-evaluate your food strategy to find a platform for a sustainable, long-term, pre-noon solution.

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    @cityofsound The actual Catch 22 here is that the people who know what they're talking about are unfortunately too busy to write articles