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2015-05-31 (Sunday)


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    @gwire Crazy isn’t it. “Which of these different formats do I think will become obsolete the least quickly? Sod it: png and ‘as HTML’.”

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    But they’d all be shonkily constructed, out-of-date, slightly ugly, rarely visited, a bit untidy, and probably have too many back doors.

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    If I’d spent as much time building and maintaining things in the real world as online I’d now have several houses around the world.

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    Doing all the chores. Were I the kind of geek who felt the need to appropriate such mundane work I would call this Domestic Devops.

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    @suegyford It's unbelievable! (Well done!)

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    My health pretty well, but only wind do now and then torment me about the fundament extremely.

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    Girl at DSW ran my card, remarked on my 1st name: "reminds me of Breaking Bad. One of the writers spells her name like that." Boom.