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2015-03-04 (Wednesday)


  1. Transitioning to SCSS at Scale

    How Etsy moved from “400,000+ lines of CSS split over 2000+ files” to using SCSS.


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    @mathowie Congrats and good luck! I hope whatever's next is as brilliant as you deserve!

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    @jkottke Right?! I can’t work out how this happened. An undesirable alternate future where we’ve slipped backwards.

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    @chrislunch I have no experience. Do you offer internships?

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    @jah @SteveDorner @migurski @genmon Seconded! So many of my happy early net-related memories will always be associated with Eudora.

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    My time at Citizens Advice comes to an end at the end of this month. On to something else. No idea what yet.

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    And now I'm gonna go hang out with my kids, who are probably going to build stuff I hate 1000x more than all this when they grow up, the fuc