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2015-02-24 (Tuesday)


  1. How to save a web page to the Internet Archive

    Bookmarklet and Chrome extension. (via @textfiles)

  2. The Entrant’s Guide to The Automobile Industry | Asymco

    Fascinating to realise quite how different the (mainly) US car industry is to so many other more dynamic, less consolidated ones. (via Daring Fireball)


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    @suegyford @maryloosemore I'm having a cup of tea and a chocolate finger, which is nice, but not that nice.

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    @denisewilton Shall I stop calling? Are you sure you weren't mis-sold PPI? No recent accidents? Why do you keep putting the putting the phon

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    @suegyford @maryloosemore Yumm!

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    @antimega @spaceboy @rachelcoldicutt Brill, ta!

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    @spaceboy @antimega @rachelcoldicutt Which is the best for non-exhausting, simple but tasty Mexican?

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    Feel bad that I broke @samuelpepys on his 29th birthday (yesterday). "I think I may reckon myself as happy a man as any is in the world."

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    This static site now requires node, imagemagick, sass, ruby and grunt to be built. How very 2015.

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    What if Design Fiction's fate is to erase the last vestiges of subversion from science fiction to make it fully compatible with capitalism?