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2014-12-07 (Sunday)


  1. They didn’t know - the impact of #VATMOSS on really small businesses — Ysolda

    What a mess, on HMRC’s part. Paying tax wouldn’t put me off running a small business, but confusing and ambiguous rules, and the huge fear of inadvertently doing it wrong, would. ( via @tomstuart)


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    @tomcoates @dracos @pixellent Last time I flew was when I did visit you!

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    @pixellent Does it help? I wasn't boasting or anything, just surprised it was so long. I feel I should have gone somewhere worth flying to.

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    I don’t think I’ve flown anywhere in almost three years. Which is extremely pleasant, if unambitious.

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    Oxford Street in December. Managed not to kill anyone. I think. Well, I didn't look back.

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    The Golden Lane Estate from Shakespeare Tower, Barbican. @cityoflondon @BrutalHouse @modernistmag @BrutalConcrete