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2014-11-04 (Tuesday)


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    We can run JavaScript on the server but we can't cure the common cold? Humankind has some messed up priorities. *aaaaCHOO*

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    @evilstreak @tomstuart But why is it much more common in the US? Seems like *everyone* can go and get a flu shot, and many/most do.

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    @Loafer7 @samuelpepys This Mitre was on Fenchurch Street:…

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    @mattsheret (A)D&D you’re stuck. WFRP I think it was really hard to change… but then that’s quite realistic :)

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    @mattsheret I always thought it odd that in most RPGs you were stuck with your chosen career forever. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger.

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    .@xatharine maybe we can start that SoMa table coflipping space we’ve all dreamed of.

    Noe Valley, San Francisco, United States