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2014-10-26 (Sunday)


  1. WAI-ARIA 1.0 Authoring Practices - Design Patterns

    Lots of different types of web interface control and the accessibility interactions, roles, states, etc they should have, with links to examples.

  2. Alice Bartlett: Burn your select tags - EpicFEL 2014 - YouTube

    Good talk from Alice about user research resulting in GDS avoiding HTML select tags and creating alternatives.


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    @hondanhon @Zoonie @holgate @tomcoates At least I don’t have to turn my screen brightness way up to see anything on iTunes.

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    @tomcoates @hondanhon @Zoonie @holgate Yeah. I use Spotify a lot but consider iTunes my permanent, “real” source.

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    @tomcoates @hondanhon @Zoonie @holgate It’ll be me and you there till the end Tom, crying “But what about my playlists!”

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    @metabrew That was a lion! The ones in the red suits had a bird on their hats.

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    @holgate That was a bit bonkers.