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2014-01-22 (Wednesday)


  1. Undergrad, Cooper, KABK — One Student’s Route to Learning Type Design

    One person’s experience of three typography courses, from a part-time, one term course to a full-time, one year course, Australia, NY and the Hague.


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    Disrupted dinner again: mixed plain and wholewheat pasta in one dish! It's practically molecular gastronomy. #pennevation

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    I expect offices in Silicon Valley do have toilets with electric lights, and kitchens with running water though, I'll give him that.

    Islington, England, United Kingdom

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    Was going to write a joke but got stuck. If Node == Clem Fandango, then Ruby == …who?

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    Possibly related to my previous tweet: “@pkqk: OH: I might just use font tags”

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    I really am installing Node in order to write CSS. #notsatire

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    @tomstuart “Everyone stop using PSDs” is all very well, so long as you ignore the difficulties of Retraining All The Designers.

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    Pumped up, whooping and motivating morning stand-up at @bergcloud. It’s not natural. I’m exhausted. Need a little nap.

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    Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life because that field isn't hiring.