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2013-12-11 (Wednesday)



  1. How we use Trello & Google Docs to make UserVoice better every day

    Really, really useful write-up of how UserVoice use Trello to go from product roadmaps, user-reported bugs, etc into a manageable set of tasks. Seeing how a company does the whole start-to-finish process is great. (via @marrije)


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    @whoisdanw “Friend” as one of those words that loses all meaning over time.

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    Occasionally I have a couple of hours that go so smoothly I can almost imagine what it might be like to know what you’re doing.

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    @pkqk @iamdanw @jonty @alicebartlett You’re all such killjoys! Watching Alice count many many screws was hilarious!

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    @McDonaldsEurope Do you endorse the views of the person whose company is organising your hackathon?…

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    AB: “How did you count your screws so quickly?”
    FL: “By not chatting.”
    AB: “…oh.”

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    After y’day’s request, this post is a great real-world example of using Trello to manage projects:… (thanks @marrije)

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    @tomskitomski @wdowen And if that isn’t really *much* risk, it’s even more disappointing the BBC doesn’t do such things.

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    @mildlydiverting @spaceboy This. +1. Me too.

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    Finally reading Hamlet’s soliloquy, and god, it’s just packed with clichés, isn’t it?

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    "Yahoo is gonna buy us!"